Spooky Science: Monster Slime

kids STEM activities

Making slime is all the rage, but adding in the Halloween fun is even better! Get ready to impress your kids with this easy monster slime recipe! Slime is a great sensory activity, but be sure to use under adult supervision. This activity is messy! Keep it at a designated art table, on a tray, or outside. Borax is used, so be sure to wash hands after in case it irritates the skin.

What you will need:

  1. 1 teaspoon of borax

  2. 1 cup of water

  3. Elmer’s white glue

  4. Food coloring

  5. googly eyes


  1. Mix the Borax into the cup of water and set aside

  2. In a separate bowl, add the glue and mix in your food coloring of choice (we did green).

  3. Mix the two things together

kids STEM activities

What’s the science?

Slime is a ploymers that is a big molecule that has a lot of chains. When the glue and the borax mixes, cross linking occurs, which causes the molecules to become tangled and confused. This mixing makes the molecules hard to flow.

Science Extension:

Instead of using white glue, see what happens when you use clear glue. Was it the same consistency? Did it work? You can also add in multiple color drops and experiment with color.

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