Project Dollhouse

project doll house

It is no surprise we love painting in this house; paper, rocks, sticks, You name it, we'll paint it! My daughter absolutely loves color and art and is always excited for the next art activity, which brings me to project dollhouse! I thought it would be neat for her to have the chance to revamp her dollhouse and decorate it anyway her heart desired. She quickly jumped on the idea! I allowed her to pick out the colors of her choice, set some music, and let her go wild. She had such a fun time applying paint to the rooms, roof, and walls of her dollhouse. This was a project that we revisited on many different occasions, adding more and more colors and layers. She was even able to share the fun with her friends when they came over for play dates.

What you will need:

1. Dollhouse

2. Acrylic Paint (you can use a water-based paint, but the paint will not last)

3. Paint Sealer

4. Paintbrush

5. Cup of Water (cleaning off paintbrush between colors)

6. Rag or Paper towel for drying up paint and cleaning up spills

7. Music for inspiration


1. Clean off and dry dollhouse

2. Set up an art table inside or outside, with a palette of paint choices, a cup of water, paintbrush, and rag

3. turn on some inspirational music and let your little one get to work. My daughter enjoys me to start the activities with her, usually, after a few minutes, I can walk away and allow her creativity to fully take over.

What fun items have you painted recently? I would love to hear from you!

project doll house
project doll house

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