Family Easter Traditions & Activities (that you haven't thought of!)

Family Easter Activities that you Haven’t Thought Of!

family easter traditions

Annual Easter Traditions for Kids


Any holiday is fun for kids especially ones that incorporate traditions and fun activities to look forward to. With Easter there are several activities that are quite obvious, but I have a few more ideas to incorporate that you may not have thought of. All these ideas can be enjoyed for the whole family and they will have your kids looking forward to them years to come.


Week Before:

family easter traditions

1.       Dying Easter eggs: Make it a science experiment and try it in 3 different ways 1. Regular, 2 whip cream, and 3. Kool-Aid

2.       Hide n Seek eggs: The days leading up to Easter, let each of your kids grab a package of plastic eggs of their choice and play hide n seek with them, both inside and outside of the house. This is a great way to practice looking for the eggs on the day of

3.       Open & close the eggs: Get several different shapes of the eggs and let them practice opening and closing the various sizes of the eggs. This is a great fine motor activity and good for children 18 months to 6 years.

Night Before:

1.       Leave out bunny food for your Easter bunny as well as pictures or letters if your kids would like to write them.

Day Of:

2.       Make lots of Egg dishes that day (quiche, deviled eggs, & egg salad sandwich), make sure to save some of the egg shells for activity #5

3.       Hide the kids Easter basket and let them search for it before they search for their eggs

family easter traditions

4.       Egg search, in the house, backyard, and front yard. For older kids you make treasure maps for them to find tricky ones and for babies, place them in a small closed off location, like a wadding pool or play pin and hide some eggs for them to find as well.

5.       Egg Paint Bombs: When using the egg shells, try to only crack off the top, so the rest of the shell is intact. Use a dozen eggs and fill each one with different colored paint. Set  up a large canvas outside and let your kids (and parents, too) take turns throwing the paint filled egg shells at the canvas to create a fun family painting. We still have our hanging from last year. To jazz the canvas and painting up a bit, you can always use painters’ tape and tape off a design, your family letter, or the years.

family easter traditions
family easter traditions
family easter traditions