Halloween Mom Hacks

Here are 4 essentials “Parenting hacks” for a smooth October & Halloween!

parenting tips on halloween
parenting tips on halloween

Parenting Hack #1. Painting Pumpkins

If you live in a “forever summer” place, like So Cal, then you know better than to carve your pumpkin too early. The warm California sun will have your perfect fall pumpkin patch beauty rotten in no time. A Halloween parenting hack to still have the pumpkin engagement, without the decomposition, is to paint them! Buy a pumpkin at the beginning of October and use water based-paint. The pumpkin can be washed clean daily, for more pumpkin painting fun. Since it’s not being cut open, there is no worry of having a rotten pumpkin by Halloween time. You can have fun all month, then carve it closer to Halloween day!

parenting tips on halloween

Parenting Hack #2: Beat the Sugar Crash of Halloween Trick or Treating:

Your kids are going to consume sugar on Halloween, it’s inevitable. A Halloween parenting hack to help with the excessive sugar consumption is to make sure the kids eat a filling dinner before embarking on the trick or treating fun. This will help to ensure their blood levels are nice and even before being stuffed to the max with candy. Have some snacks on hand to sneak in-between the candy. Say for every 3-5 pieces of candy, they need to have a non sugary snack; pretzels, crackers, nuts etc. This will help their belly stay full and stabilize them to hopefully prevent the horrible sugar crash.

parenting tips on halloween
parenting tips on halloween

Parenting Hack #3: Book Lights, For a Hands-Free Trick or Treating Night Light:

Do you have a child that is sensitive to the dark? Are you worried your little one will trip over uneven sidewalk running down a dimly lit street? A Halloween parenting hack is to clip a few book lights onto their candy bucket, to help provide some light for those dark walkways on Halloween night. Holding a flashlight is also great, but this will allow for their hands to just be occupied by their bucket & their candy of course!

Parenting Hack #4: The Switch Witch:

Love celebrating Halloween with your little one, but don’t love all the Halloween candy they will consume? A Halloween parenting hack I heard about from www.mamanatural.com is to trade in candy for a prize! The candy works as a currency or value. The more candy they trade in, the better prize they get. This way you don’t have to worry about your child eating a year’s worth of sugar in a short amount of time, and you are also teaching them the value of trading one good for another. You can donate the candy, or you can hide it for your own sweet tooth!

What tips & tricks have you found to be helpful with Halloween?

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