DIY Gifts for the Holidays

10 Easy DIY Gift Ideas for the Holidays


DIY gift

Wondering what to get that special person for the holidays? Personally, I am a huge fan of homemade gifts for the holidays. To me, there is nothing more heartfelt then something made with your own two hands. This is a tradition a started a few years back for family members and close friends. Here are 10 easy homemade gifts for the holidays, that I have given out over the years that are sure to make your friends and family feel loved beyond belief!

DIY Gifts for this Holiday Season

DIY gift

1.       Bath Bombs: (for these I used silicone Christmas cookie molds I found at Michaels. Here is a recipe: Put them in a cute glass jar with a ribbon! This is an easy gift to make with your kids.

2.       Anti-aging facial oil (I usually do a mix of a few different essential oil recipes, here are few of my favorite recipes:   &  The brand of essential that I love use is NOW & plant therapy. It is high quality essential oil that is reasonably priced, and you can find it in the stores, as well as online. I gave these to all the special women in my life a few years in a row and many of them asked for refills!

3.       Charm bracelets: For these, I did personalize metal stamping charms. There was a class being offered through Michaels and I was able to make all the bracelets I needed as gifts during that 2-hour class. Here is an article about beginning stamping

4.       Photo books or photo albums: Either purchase a photo album and print out pictures of you and your friend or create a photo book online. This year I am doing photo albums for my daughter’s friends with pictures of her and her friends over the last few years.

DIY gift

5.       Framed picture: very simple, nice picture frame and a special picture that captures the friendship that you and someone share. My daughter will be giving this present out to one of her friends this year.

6.       A box of treats: caramel popcorn, chocolate dipped pretzels, caramel dipped marshmallows, or fudge. This was the first homemade gift I gave over the holiday season. My husband and I made them together and had a great time. We handed them out to all his family members and they raved about how tasty they were. We put them in cute Christmas tins we found from the dollar store.

7.       Personalized photo ornaments: I made personalized photo cube ornaments one year for all the moms I met in lactation groups, mommy & me, and play gyms. It was a nice way to show those individuals I was thankful and appreciated their friendship during those beginning years of motherhood.

8.       Fermented garlic (sounds a bit weird, but this is a powerful and natural antibiotic, which is perfect for this time of year!) I will be handing these out as my homemade gift this year and I am super excited about it!

9.       Homemade Elderberry Syrup (another great natural medicine to have on hand, that is a potent form of vitamin C).

10.   Infused Olive Oil: I debated making these this year but will most likely be making it for some family members throughout the year!

Do you prefer to buy or make your gifts? I’d love to hear from you! What are some of your favorite homemade and DIY gifts to give?

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