Second Time Pregnancy Prep

Pregnancy: Second Time Around

Well….I was mainly just trying to survive! It was a much different experience the second time around because I was not able to freely cater to myself and my growing belly. The first time around I would keenly pay attention to any slight variances in my body and attend to those needs (you can read all about my awesomely neurotic first time mom tendencies in my first kid pregnancy prep post). This time, I had a two year old who decided to wean from naps! And I had raging migraines pretty much all day, every day, for the first trimester. I did not bother re-reading any books to prep for pregnancy, but I did use some of the same products and regiment in preparation as before:


Things I used and loved during my pregnancy:





Belly/body care:

Acupuncture for migraines (I found this to be extremely helpful)