3 Mom Hacks to Make your Life Easier!

Hack 1. Are you tired of those poop diapers stinking up the house? Even the best diaper pail can’t keep the smell at bay! Instead of through the poop diapers in the pail, throw them in a dog bag and toss it outside! You can purchase recycled dog bags to be kind to our planet, or even use a wet bag for cloth diapers and empty it out and return to the house. I always toss them outside my front door, then take them to the large garbage cans on the way to the car. Easy peasy and no poo-poo smell!

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Hack 2. Love wearing a dress but don’t love showing your underwear??? As a mom of littles, you are always bending over to tie a shoe, wipe a nose, save a fall, and are usually being pulled in different directions, literally, having your clothes pulled in different directions! Instead of accidentally flashing a fellow parent (embarrassing!) Wear shorts under your dresses & skirts! I figure I put them under my daughter’s dress, might as well put them under mine. Bonus, they keep your thighs from rubbing together!

3. Need a stress-free/complain-free car ride? Try these little usb radios for your kids! We download their favorite music to them and each kid has their own. I use fingernail polish to help them distinguish the controls (on/off/skip/back). No need for earphones, since they have it close to them. When we introduced the radios, our car rides immediately became much more tolerable.

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