Spring Cleaning: Kid's Clothes

Spring cleaning part two: kid’s clothes

spring cleaning

Organizing Kids Clothes to Promote Independence


Recently I published an article on spring cleaning kid’s toys and how to organize and set up play spaces, so your kids actually play with their toys. You can read the article here. Next, I would like to cover how to organize kid’s clothes, so they can take responsibility for putting their own clothes away and have a sense of ownership over their belongings. Having a sense of ownership will not only motivate your child to put their clothing away, but it will promote autonomy in getting themselves dressed in the morning as well.

Spring cleaning:

1.       First, decide the set up they will have. For your child to be self-sufficient in their room, they will need to be able to access all the drawers.

2.       Next, go through all their items and remove any items your child does not wear, items that are too small, items that are too big, and items that have too much wear and tear. Decide what you are keeping, and you are donating.

3.       Decide What combo of clothes will be going where. For example; short & long sleeves together. Shorts & pants together, skirts and tights and so on.

4.       Get drawer dividers to save on space, especially if you need one drawer to house multiple type of items.

5.       If you have the space, it works out very nicely to have an extra bin or two on top of the dresser for your organization purposes. One for clothes that no longer fit and one for clothes that are still too big.

6.       I have found the cube organizers to be the absolute BEST for storing and organizing kids’ clothes and toys. Children are easily able to handle these cubes solo and gives an independence that fosters confidence.

Involve your Kids!

Once you have figured out the clothing combination with what is going where, now it is time to involve your children! Show your children where each type of clothing will go and have them put it away. There is no need for folding, because let’s be real, no young child is going to keep their drawers folded. This will allow your child to easily put their own clothes away, as well as getting themselves dressed in the morning. They will be able to easily access all their clothes, as well as easily be able to put away their items. Children do well with responsibility. Toddlers, as young as 18 months are more than capable of picking out their own clothes in the morning and putting away their laundry in this kind of system.

spring cleaning
spring cleaning

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I would love to hear in the comments below how you get your children to help out around the house! Do they pick out their own clothes in the morning? Do they help out with laundry by putting away their clothes?

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