5 Preschool Teacher Tips Parents Need to Know

5 Teacher Tips to Parents


Ms. Melissa

Ms. Melissa

Do you have children in preschool? Ever wonder what their teachers are really thinking? Here are 5 teacher tips for parents that you need to know. I had the chance to interview my good friend Melissa who has been an educator for over 15 years and a mama of two littles, aged 4 & 2. She has a Master’s in Education and has taught children from 4- 12 years of age. She came up with an awesome list of her top 5 teacher tips to parents:

 Top 5 teacher tips every parent should know:

1.    Preschool children learn from what we do more than what we say. Speak positively about preschool, show excitement for what they are learning. Be kind and respectful to their teacher and follow school rules.

2.    Be present in your child’s schooling. Ask them about their day, read the teachers emails and flyers sent home, check in with their teacher daily, make time to come to conferences, and help them with their homework.

3.    Your children are capable of more than you think. Encourage them to put on their own clothes, pack their lunch, and pick up their toys. Involve them in daily chores around the house i.e. grocery shopping, making dinner, caring for animals etc. Help them foster independence and a sense of ownership.

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4.    Academic skills are not the only skills important for school readiness. Your child should be able to communicate their wants and needs clearly. They should be able to work and play alone and with small groups of peers. They should be able to sit and pay attention for at least 10 minutes and longer at a given time. They should be able to follow up to 3-step directions i.e. please take this plate to the kitchen, wash your hands, and have a seat on the couch.

5.    Enjoy the season of life with your child. Soon enough your child will be reading, adding, subtracting, and writing reports about former historical figures. Don’t sweat the things that will pass. They will grow and change so quickly; enjoy every moment!


What great teacher tips! I absolutely love number 3. It is so important to encourage independence in our children and so often they are not given the opportunity to strengthen these skills. It is very easy in our everyday life to help foster independence; allowing children to make their own bed, pick out their own clothes and dress themselves, let them get their own plates and serve their own food. With responsibility comes a sense of pride and ownership, which then helps to boost confidence. There you have it, 5 teacher tips from the mouth of an educator. What point resonated most with you? I would love to hear your thoughts!