Back-to-School Gift Guide

Back to School Gift Idea for Teacher

Wondering what to get your child's teacher when they first start school or return back to school for their second year? Take it from someone who has worked as a preschool teacher, it is always nice to be thought of and it is nice to receive gifts that are useful. If this is your child's first time with the teacher or to the school, I would say a simple, yet thoughtful gift is perfect. Here are 3 ideas:
1. Small potted plant
2. Starbucks gift card (or coffee place of choice) for $5 inside of a coffee mug
3. Water bottle (I prefer glass or stainless steel)

If your child is returning to the same teacher or school and you have some built up rapport, here are 3 ideas:
1. Starbucks (or coffee place of choice) gift card for $10 inside a coffee mug
2. Water bottle, with a few items inside such as pens, pencils, and markers
3. Gift basket (my personal favorite), filled with some basics for returning to school; pens, notepad, markers, salty and sweet snacks, hand sanitizer, and cough drops

I was able to pick up all the items to fill the gift basket from our dollar store. I spruced it up by weaving a ribbon in & out around the basket, personalized it by adding a chalkboard sign, and added a few quintessential back-to-school red apples to top it off. The whole basket cost just about $15.

There you have it. A few ideas for some simple, yet thoughtful and useful back-to-school gifts. What back-to-school gifts do you like giving?

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