Valentine's Day Ideas for Preschool

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Preschool: Simple sugar-free gift ideas

valentines day ideas for preschool

Every holiday is fun when you are kid, but there is something special about Valentine’s day. Recalling my school days, I still remember the butterflies I would get putting my decorated card box on my table. Would I get any Valentine’s? Would I carry home an empty box? The anticipation Killed me! Hopefully your child’s school has a policy where they don’t personalize the cards, so everyone gets something from everyone. It is so much easier that way and stress-free! Anyway, if you are wondering what to bring in for your child’s school, I have a super cute and super simple Valentine’s day bundle that you can make using items at your local dollar store.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas:

valentines day ideas for preschool


1.      Valentine’s day bags (you can get a pack of 25 or more at your dollar store)

2.      Pack of mini play-dough (you can get a 6 or 8 pack for a dollar, you can also make your own)

3.      Tags (you can get a pack of 25 or more)

4.      Package of valentine’s day trinkets to use with the play dough, we found a pack of 18 red and pink jewel hearts

5.      Box of Valentine’s cards (or you can make your own)


1.       Let your child decorate and personalize their own cards, by writing their name, or the letter of their name (if they cannot yet write their name) on the cards

2.       Make a few piles and instruct them to put something from each pile into the bag. The point is, have them set up their own bags, this will make the process that much more exciting when it’s time for them to hand them out.

3.       I chose to print out on the tags “you’re a-dough-able” to go along with the play dough packs, but you can write whatever message you like. It is always fun to ask your child what message they would like to say and write that down…they can often be hilarious!

4.       Play some fun music and talk about what Valentine’s day is


My daughter had a blast putting these together and has asked me every day since, if it’s Valentine’s day. These are very simple, cost effective, and do not include any sugar whatsoever. What simple Valentine’s gifts do your children hand out? Do you address them or leave them blank? Curious to know!

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