Preschool Phonics Game

Preschool Phonics Game

Ages: 3-6

Beginning Reading Skills

Preschool Language & Beginning Reading Skills

preschool phonics

Teaching your child can and should be fun. Remember to let your child lead the way when it comes to education. Notice what your child’s interests are and do not force learning on them, because it will only be torturous for the both of you. If you want your child to learn, then curtail your approach to them. Some kids will love books and flash cards and others require much more. This phonics game is the perfect hands-on activity to encourage your child to learn the phonemes/sounds of each letter…which is far more important than just recognizing them. When is comes to reading, knowing a “k” is not going to help as much as knowing what sound it makes.

 Preschool Reading Skills:

What you need:

1.       Letter cards (I prefer ones that show the upper and lower case, as well as having some texture to the letter)

2.       1 or 2 items for each sound: Make sure to use items that make the short vowel sound, instead of the long vowel sound. For example, find an igloo instead of an ice cream toy for letter “i.” when it comes to teaching your child how to read, teaching them the short vowel sounds is far more helpful in the beginning phases.

What to do:

1.       Get your child excited about this game, go on the hunt together around the house, looking for items that begin with a certain sound. For example, lets find something that makes the “f” sound, maybe a toy fffffffffffish, or a toys ffffffffffffan.

2.       Once you guys have collected all your items, start off with a few letters and once they master those letters and sounds then move on. Keep the choices limited and talk about each item with them and help them with the sounds.

3.       Take out a letter card, and go over the letter “letter “B”, big “B” little “b” “bbbbbbbbb”” then take out 2 or 3 of the items you picked and name each one, emphasizing the sound “ccccccccat,” “bbbbbbbbbbird,” “ffffffffffan.” Which one makes the “bbbbbbbb” sound?

4.       When your child is done, put it away. Do not force them to finish. Remember learning is supposed to be fun and it will happen if they are interested and engaged. If they are over it or need a break, be done and pull it out again in a few days.

preschool phonics
preschool phonics
preschool phonics
preschool phonics
preschool phonics

Songs to help with phonemes:

1.       Take the Dr. Seuss “ABC” book and turn it into a song

2.       Take the “who let the dogs out” song and turn it into the ABC song “who let the “A” out then make the sound of a short vowel “a”


What activities do you like to use with your child to help them learn their letters and sounds?

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