Sensory Bin Ideas: Fall & Halloween

sensory bin

Sensory Bin Ideas: For the Busy Mom

Themed sensory bins just make seasons and holidays more fun. Kids love exploring new textures and colors. When adding in a few themed trinkets from the dollar store, it makes all the difference in sensory bins. Here are a few ideas that can be EASILY done to give your child a fun, fall-filled sensory experience!

Sensory Base Ideas:

  1. Fill the sensory bin with popcorn kernels (it is already orange, so no food coloring needed!)

  2. Dried beans (great fall brown color)

  3. Black rice

  4. veggie pasta (these come in a mix of the perfect fall colors)

  5. Candy corn (what else are you going to do with that candy?)

Sensory bin Addition Ideas (you can find all items from the $tree):

  1. Pack of skeleton & bugs

  2. Pack of eye balls

  3. Mini pumpkins (Real)

  4. Spider rings

  5. Pom Poms (Fall colors)

What to put it in:

You can make a mini one like I did here, by using a clear plastic shoe box. You can use a large plastic bin. Lastly, you can use a small plastic wadding pool; which is my favorite choice! The first two choices can also be put into the wadding pool for an easy clean up!

What does your child do with a sensory bin?

Provide different sized cups, spoons, & tongs. Have your child look for particular objects. sort colors, scoop, and pour. Mostly, allow your child to have some unstructured play. Let them make use of the new objects and explore freely. The bins are great for sensory exposure as well as fine motor.

What items do you prefer for sensory bins?

sensory bin
sensory bin

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