Edible "Sand"


Potato flakes & ground up cheerios

Taste safe sensory

Sand is such a great sensory activity. Children can scoop it, pour it and squish it, however; you really don’t want your child accidentally consuming it! Once your child can sit up, I love filling up a small wading pool with potato flakes or ground up cheerios. This is totally taste-safe and it’s a stress-free way to teach your child not to put it in their mouth.  You can put buckets, shovels, small toys, kitchen utensils cars etc. into the “sand.” Change out the toys you place into the “sand” weekly to make the activity different. If you can find a way to cover the “sand” you can keep it for a while. I will keep it in a large storage bin with a lid then pour it into the small pool for play. Once your child is mobile, you can just keep the “sand” in a low storage bin and allow them to reach in and play.

baby sensory activities

Materials needed:

1.       Instant potatoes

2.       Cheerios or similar cereal

3.       Blender for the cheerios

4.       Small wading pool

5.       Storage bin

6.       “sand” toys of choice

To make the “sand”

1.       Boxed potato flakes: simply open the box and pour in! easy peasy!

2.       Cheerios: take a few cups at a time and place it into a blender. Repeat until you get your desired quantity.


baby sensory activities