Simple Fun with Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap

There are SO many activities that can be done with shipping material; bubble wrap is a great one for many age groups. 

For mobile babies, I like to tape down a run-way of bubble wrap then let them have fun exploring. Place them next to the wrap at first and help them touch it with their hands. You can poke around next to them popping a few of the bubbles so they can hear the sound before crawling onto the wrap. The reason to start them off next to the activity is to ease them into it. Sensory activities are stimulating. Some children have a more reserved temperament or get over stimulated easily. If you start slowly with the activities, this will allow them to process, acclimate and feel confident in proceeding with more stimulation.

baby sensory activities
baby sensory activities

For older children, I like to make bubble wrap shoes and let them step into a pan of paint and walk on paper. They can create some walking artwork and get a fun sensory experience with the bubble wrap on their feet. Simply wrap the bubble wrap around their feet and secure it with a rubber band or painters tape. This activity can get slippery so you may choose to only cover one foot, so they have the other for traction. I used easel paper to make a long runway for the walk. At the start of the paper, I placed a tray with a color of their choice. Help them step into and out of the paint, as this part is a bit slippery. Then let them walk up and down the paper. Once some of the paint is off their wrap, have them try hoping to pop some of the bubbles.

baby sensory activities

Materials needed:

1.       Bubble wrap (can purchase or can save from mail deliveries)

2.       Paint

3.       Easel paper

4.       Tray for paint

5.       Rubber bands

6.       Tape (painters tape works well on many surfaces)