Jello-O Sensory Play with Hidden Toys

baby sensory activities

Age group: all (this is a taste safe or edible activity, making it suitable for babies)

When my daughter was a baby I was eager to start sensory activities with her, but I was nervous about what she would put in her mouth. Making Jell-o is a super easy and super fun sensory activity that is totally edible. You can simply get a few boxes of Jell-o and make them according to the package, or you can get plain gelatin and use fruit juice to make it colorful. I have done both. In case you were wondering, my first child got all the “dye free” and more “natural” approaches to sensory activities. My second child gets the quick and easy method to sensory activities...but at least he gets them nonetheless! Make sure to add the toys you plan on hiding in the jell-o after you mix, just before you place it in the fridge.

baby sensory activities
baby sensory activities
baby sensory activities

Item that you will need:

1.       2 or 3 boxes of Jell-o

2.       Toys of choice to hide in the jell-o. (you can pick farm animals, insects, wild animals etc. pretty much anything plastic and easy to clean)

3.       A large container to put the Jell-o in

4.       Space in your refrigerator

5.       A plastic table cloth/sheet/tarp to place under your container of jell-o for easy clean up

6.       Tweezers, tongs, spoons, cups (for scooping out their treasures)

7.       *Optional: An extra container for them to place their scooped out items

You can have the kiddos do this activity outside, or you can even have them do this inside. I have done both. If they do this activity inside, make sure to keep it on a floor that is easy to clean i.e. NOT carpet! And make sure to place the plastic table cloth down for easy clean up.