Clothes Washing Station

preschool dramatic play

Does your child love to help around the house? Are they eager to do these activities by themselves? Set them up with a simple yet engaging activity that will give them a sense of independence and responsibility. Clothes washing station will help your child work on gross motor skills, by scrubbing the clothes, rinsing them, and squeezing out the water. It will help them build fine motor skills, by squeezing clothes pins to open and hang up their clothes on a string, and they will work on coordination, by holding up the clothes and pinning it at the same time on the string.
Items needed:
1. Clothespins (you can find at the dollar store)
2. laundry drying string
3. 2 plastic bins (one for soapy water & one with clean water for rinsing)
4. Scrub brush
5. optional: A ribbed board to scrub the clothes on (I used the plastic bottom that comes with the dish drying racks).
6. A few items of clothes (I used some old rags and some clothes she grew out of; shirts, pants, undies)

Model how to wash, rinse, & dry the clothes. Talk to your child about the history of the modern washing machine & dryers. Explain how people used to wash their clothes in this manner. 

preschool dramatic play
preschool dramatic play

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