STEAM Inspired Nature People

Nature People

STEAM inspired art building activity with natural elements  Ages 2-8

kids STEM activities

It is no surprise kids love collecting items from nature. Whenever we head to the park or go for a walk, my kids absolutely love collecting items they see laying around. Today was no exception. We decided to build an entire body from items we found outside.

What you will need:

1. List of body parts to look for

2. Bucket to collect items in

3. Long piece of paper or butcher paper

4. Tape, to hold down the paper in place

5. Glue

6. Cup & paintbrush for glue (optional)

7. Mirror



1. Go over the different parts of the face & body that you will need to collect items for. For Children 2-3, maybe stick with just the face, for children 3-5 add more and more details.

2.  Have them draw a picture of the body as they are naming parts, so they can use this as their guide.

3.  Take their list along with their bucket outside and begin to look for items for each body part.

4. Once you have collected your items, tape down a long piece of paper on the floor and lay out their items.

5. Draw a circle for the head, to help start off their body. Have them start with the face (eyes, nose, mouth, hair etc.), then build from there. They may need help remembering what items they collected for each body part.

6. Have the mirror set up next to them, to help serve as a guide when they forget what parts they are missing.

This project helps to build cognition & memory. They are using innovation & creativity.

kids STEM activities
kids STEM activities
kids STEM activites