Bath Toys: Magnet Tiles Bath

Magnet Tiles Bath

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Magnet tiles are all the rage in our house and we discovered how much more fun they can be when you move them in the bath! We had no clue the magnets would stick to the side of the bathtub and to be honest, we discovered this by accident. This was such a great discovery because both of the kids had an awesome time building with magnets and the element of water. Have your children test how far out they can stack them. Where else in the bathtub do they stick? Can they build a bridge and connect one side of the bath to the other side?

Benefits of Magnet Tiles

Building with magnet tiles helps to develop cognitive thinking and problem solving skills. Children have to work hard to see which structures work, which structures are strong, all the while thinking, deducting, and testing.

Bath Time Activity Planning

This is a great activity to do anytime of the day. Normally it is sunny and warm here in so Cal, but we have been having lots of very cold and rainy weather. Due to the temperatures, we have been staying inside. Adding in new ideas to the bath is a great middle of the day activity to burn off some energy and build cognitive development. If using this as an activity, why don’t you try having the kids use swim suits, to mentally keep this play activity, as opposed to a pre-bed ritual.

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