Baby Activity: Painting With Water

Baby Activity: Painting With Water: Super Simple

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Baby & Toddler Activity: Painting with water


This is a perfect example of how easy and non-complicated fun and engaging activities can be. Sometimes it is hard to think of how to plan activities for your baby, but this one does not require much planning at all. There are only a few materials need for this activity and very little set up time. Painting with water can be done as an inside activity or an outdoor activity.

Inside Painting with water:

Ages: 6-months-old +

Developmental Domains: Fine motor, cognitive, Language

Materials Need for Inside activity:

1.       Baking sheet

2.       Paint brush

3.       Cup of water (you may want to use filtered water if you know your little one will be tasting it)

4.       Construction Paper

Instructions for Inside Activity:

1.       Place the paper on the baking sheet

2.       Put the paint brush on the baking sheet along with a cup of water (start with a small amount of water, to limit the mess)

baby activity

3.       Help your little one to grab onto the paint brush and show them how to dip it into the water

4.       Once the paintbrush tip is wet, show them how to brush it on the paper

This activity helps with cognition since they are gaining a sense of cause and effect with the water marks on the paper. By using the muscles in their hands to manipulate the paintbrush, this works on strengthening their fine motor skills. By talking to them about their activity; what happens when they dip their paint brush in water and what happens to the paper when they apply it, will help to develop language skills.

Outside painting with water:

Materials needed:

1.       Paint brush

2.       Cup of water or bucket

3.       Open sidewalk or anything that shows a darker color after it is wet


Same as above. Show them first, then let them explore with the water and paint brush. This one is fun to do on a warm and sunny day, since they can watch how quickly it dries and their picture disappears.

What activities do you like to do with water?

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