Spring Activities: Gardening with Kids

Spring Activities: Gardening with Kids

spring activities

Ages: 1 year and older

Strengthens: Fine motor, Science, & Sensory exposure

As a kid, I remember my mom making me go outside and pull weeds among other yard work that I absolutely despised, but I was always so enamored by planting a seed or a plant and watching it grow to produce something. When I realized you could eat a piece of fruit and plant a seed from that fruit to grow your very own tree or plant, my mind was blown! Although, I never turned out to have a green thumb, it was the premise that I found absolutely amazing. As a mom, I am eager to introduce this circular concept to my own children and hope to instill a love of nature and the outside world. Spring is a wonderful time of year to get your kids outside and get their hands dirty. We made a list of a few fruits, vegetables, and plants that my daughter would be interested in growing before heading to the store. Both of my kids were very eager to get to work. Here are the supplies you will need to garden with your children:


  1. A place to plant; either in the ground or a planter

  2. Paint and a sharpie to customize your child’s planter

  3. Soil

  4. Shovel

  5. Easy to grow plants; Lavender, tomatoes, peppers, shrubs etc.

spring activities
spring activities
spring activities


  1. Make a list of some plants they are interested in growing.

  2. Outline whatever picture or writing with a sharpie marker on your child’s gardening box. We opted to write the name of the child and then the word garden on the side of each of their garden boxes.

  3. Let me pick a few acrylic paint colors of their choice and decorate the side of the garden boxes.

  4. Once the paint has dried, fill the garden box up a little less than half full with soil and place your plants inside with the required amount of space needed in-between.

  5. Cover your plants with soil, until they are nice and secure.

  6. Water

spring activities

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