Spring Activities: Bouquet Build

Spring Activity: Bouquet Build

spring activity

This super simple and fun Montessori inspired spring activity is a great way for children to learn colors, counting, use hand eye coordination, and express creativity. This can of course be done with real flowers, or you can pick up a few bunches of brightly colored flowers from your local dollar store. My Little one absolutely loved being able to arrange and re arrange the flower bouquets, by adding and omitting colors and stems.

Ages: 2-6

spring activity

Strengthens: colors, counting, hand-eye coordination, as well as creativity

Montessori Inspired Spring Activity:


  1. Several different color flowers: you can use real flowers or leaves that you pick from a walk or your garden, or, you can use a few bunches of fake flowers from the dollar store.

  2. Jar or vase

  3. Optional: Can print out a few pictures of bouquets for your little one to be inspired


  1. Once you have your flowers of choice, demonstrate how to assemble the flowers into a vase. My little one usually quickly stops me during my demonstration with an “I know!” Once you have explained how to do this and what the word bouquet is, allow them to freely arrange and re arrange their bouquets. Depending on the amount of flowers you have, you can allow them assemble several vases or jars and let them decorate their play space or the house with their freshly arranged bouquets. They will get a wonderful sense of pride and accomplishment seeing their brightly colored bouquets around the house. This activity is great because they will continue to gravitate to the vases time and time again to re arrange their bouquets.

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Extensions on Learning:

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