Developmental Milestones For a Child's First Year of Life

Developmental milestones

It is important to be aware of your child’s physical developmental and milestones they should be reaching at what age. Being conscious of where your child is developmentally will help to determine if there are any red flags and or areas of concern. If there are, please address this with your child’s pediatrician. is a great resource for parents and educators to help learn more about your child’s developmental domains. The following chart of baby’s physical development I have taken from

By 3 months

Speech: sucks and swallows well during feeding. Quiets or smiles in response to sound or voice. Coos or vocalizes other than crying. Turns head toward direction of sound.

Play: visually tracks a moving toy from side to side. Attempts to reach for a rattle held above their chest. Keeps head in the middle to watch faces or toys.

baby milestones

Physical: Pushes up on arms, while on tummy. Lifts and holds head up, while on tummy.

By 6 months

Speech: Begins to use consonant sounds in babbling “dada.” Uses babbling to get attention. Begins to eat cereals and pureed foods.

Play: Reaches for a nearby toy while on their tummy. Transfers a toy from one hand to the other, while on back. Reaches both hands to play with feet, while on back.

Physical: Uses hands to support self in sitting. Rolls from back to tummy. While standing with support, accepts entire weight with legs.

 By 9 months

baby milestones

Speech: Increases variety of sounds and syllable combinations in babbling. Looks at familiar objects and people when named. Begins to eat junior and mashed table foods.

Play: In a high chair, holds and drinks from a bottle. Explores and examines and object using both hands. Turns several pages of a chunky book at once. In simple play imitates others.

Physical: Sits and reaches for toys without falling. Moves from tummy or back to sitting. Creeps on hands and knees with alternate arms and leg movement.

By 12 months

baby milestones

Speech: Meaningful uses “mama,” or “dada.” Responds to simple commands, “come here.” Produces long strings of gibbersh in social communication. Begins to use an open cup.

Play: Finger feeds self. Releases objects into a container with large opening. Uses thumb and pointer finger to pick up tiny objects.

Physical: pulls to stand and cruises along furniture. Stands alone and takes several independent steps.

By 15 months

Speech: Vocabulary consists of 5-10 words. Imitates new, less familiar words. Understands 50 words. Increase variety of coarsely chopped table foods.

Play: Stacks two objects or blocks. Helps with getting undressed. Holds and drinks from a cup.

Physical: Walks independently and seldom falls. Squats to pick up a toy.