Red Flags & Signs to watch for in a Child's First Year of Life

Red Flags and Signs to Watch for

It is important to be aware of your child’s physical developmental and milestones they should be reaching at what age. Being conscious of where your child is developmentally will help to determine if there are any red flags and or areas of concern. If there are, please address this with your child’s pediatrician. Early detection is imperative in helping your child. is a great resource for parents and educators to help learn more about your child’s developmental domains. The following chart of signs to watch for in baby’s physical development is taken from Please refer to this chart for further information.

By 3 months of age:

red flags

            *Difficultly lifting head

            * Pushes back with head

            *Stiff legs with little or no movement

            *Keeps hands fisted and lacks arm                             movement

red flags

By 6 months of age:

            *Rounded back when sitting

            *Unable to lift head up

            *Poor head control

            *Difficult to bring arms forward to reach out

            *Arches back and stiffens legs

            *Arms held back & Stiff legs

red flags


By 9 months of age:

           *Uses one hand predominately

            *Rounded back when sitting

            *Poor use of arms in sitting

            *Difficultly crawling

            *Uses only one side of body to move

            *Inability to straighten back

            *Cannot take weight on legs

By 12 months of age:

            *Difficultly getting to stand because of stiff legs and pointed toes

            *Only uses arms to pull up to standing

            *Sits with weight to one side

            *Strongly flexed or stiffly extended arms

            *Needs to use hand to maintain sitting

By 15 months of age:

            *Unable to take steps independently

            *Poor standing balance, falls frequently

            *Walks on toes

red flags