Kids STEM Activity & Sensory Activity: Making Snow

Kids Science Activity: Making “snow” & Building a “Snowman!”

kids science activity

Want to bring the snow to your kids this year, without the freezing cold temperatures, long car drive, or chains on your tires? Here is a fun way for so-Cal kids to get that winter “snow” feeling even though most days do not get colder than 60 degrees. With this simple snow activity, your child will be able to mold, sculpt, and build their own snowman; here is what you need:

Making Snow:

Ages: 18 months and older

Type of Activity: Sensory & science

What your child is learning: Your child will explore their senses making snow when they touch, squeeze, pat, and mold this mixture. They will have to figure out how to construct a snowman, how much or how little snow to add, and how much weight in the accessories they are able to add before it breaks down. They are also watching what happens when two properties are mixed together to form something new.

Material Needed:

1.       White shaving cream (I like “Barbasol” from the $ Tree)

2.       Baking Soda

3.       Snowman making materials:

1.       Sticks

2.       Buttons

3.       Carrots (cut into small and thin pieces)

4.       Container to put the “snow” in, I like to use a tray or plastic shoe-box

kids science activity
kids science activity


1.       Take 1 cup of baking soda and slowly mix in the shaving cream until you get the consistency you want.

2.       Put it in the freezer for about 20-30 minutes, to get it cold. This is a fun part to add, to make it look & feel like real snow!

3.       Put out the materials for your snowman and let your child have fun making their own miniature snowman.

4.       For a younger child, instead of having them make their own snowman, you can put animals, cars, or people in the snow for playing with.

kids science activity
kids science activity
kids science activity

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