Big Brother/Sister Sibling "Class" Activity

How to Be a Big Brother/Sister Activity

big brother new baby

When you welcome a new baby into the family, it is extremely important to prep your child and get them excited about this change. Adding a new baby to the family will completely change the world they know and prepping them will make all the difference in a smooth transition.

Big Brother/Sister Prep Class

supplies you will need:

  1. baby doll

  2. swaddling blanket

  3. preemie diapers

  4. baby bath or container to work as one (wash cloth, soap, towel)

  5. baby bottle

  6. burp cloth/bib

  7. baby bed

  8. baby book or baby toy

How to conduct your class:

Explain to your little one this is a special class on how to become a big brother/sister. They will learn how to care for a baby and how to be a big helper to mommy and daddy. When their class is finished, they will earn a special “Big Brother/Sister Certificate” (see below for printable version).

Have the following stations set up:

  1. feeding station

  2. burping station

  3. diaper changing station

  4. bathing station

  5. swaddling station

  6. bed station

big brother new baby
big brother new baby
big brother new baby
big brother new baby
big brother new baby
big brother new baby
big brother new baby

In each station set up all the materials you will need in order to show your child how to do the following activities and for them practice and play on their own.

  1. In the feeding station include: baby bottle, bowl, spoon, napkin, bib, highchair

  2. In the burping station include: burp cloth

  3. In the diaper changing station include: diapers, wipes, diaper changing mat, cream

  4. In the bathing station include: baby bath or container, soap, wash cloth, towel

  5. In the swaddle station include: swaddling blankets

  6. In the bed station include: baby bed

Go over each station with your child and allow them to move freely throughout the stations. This is a fun way for children to build confidence and familiarity with the change that will occur in their family dynamic. By allowing them to participate in all the big baby caring activities, this will build their confidence as well as get them excited about the new baby to come. Tell them when they are ready, to show you how they have mastered each section. once they have gone over each section with you, reward them with a special Big Brother/Sister Certificate; print bother certificate here, print sister certificate here.

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