Baby Activity: Edible "Paint"

Baby Art Activity: Edible Paint

baby activity

This is such a fun activity for babies and toddlers and it’s a great way to expose them to creative thinking and expression, as well as to sensory exposure. It is important to introduce different textures, and modes of creating at a young age to help spark curiosity, exploration, and excitement. This baby activity can be done inside or outside, but note, it can get messy. Getting messy is FUN for children and they should be allowed to experience the joy of freely creating without the worry of a mess. This mess can be managed easily with a little bit of prep.

Materials Needed:

  1. Yogurt or baby cereal

  2. If using yogurt, you will need to add flour to thicken it

  3. natural food dye, regular food dye, or blended food to dye

  4. If using blended food to color your paint: blueberries for purple, strawberries for pink, spinach or broccoli for green

  5. Table cloth or shower curtain, both can be purchased from the dollar store

  6. Painters tape

  7. small containers to hold the various colors


  1. Mix the baby cereal, if using yogurt, mix one cup of yogurt and slowly stir in 1/4 cup of flour. Keep adding flour until you get the consistency you are happy with.

  2. If using already prepared food dye, just add a drop or two and mix.

  3. If blending food to color, add 1/4 of the food or frozen food to a blender, then add that to mix. This may make your mixture runny, if so, add more baby cereal, or add more flour.

  4. put each color in a separate container.

  5. Lay out table cloth or shower curtain and tape the sides down to keep it from moving once baby gets going.

  6. Strip down baby to diaper, for an easier clean up.

  7. Place baby onto the canvas and demonstrates how the paint works.

  8. Let them have fun and freely explore. Create with them!

  9. The table cloth or shower curtain can be easily hosed off, or thrown away.

baby activity
baby activity


6-months +

Developmental Domains: Gross motor, sensory exposure, cognitive building, art & creativity

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